Monday, August 24, 2009

Candy molding..

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I remember the first time I made candy molds.It was a disaster! I had chocolate everywhere and only a few pieces done.

It is actually pretty simple stuff when it comes to candy molding...just follow these easy steps:

1 Always use the double boiler method for chocolate when melting
2 Your pot should be larger than the pot you are using with hot water.
3 Never introduce water into the chocolate or it will cease up
4 It is easier to melt chocolate in microwave but easier to burn the chocolate.

Easiest chocolate for beginners is Wilton Candy wafers.
Use piping bags with different colors being used and place a warm rag towel on them to keep them melted.
Always pipe your details first,let the details set and then add your milk chocolate or white chocolate for background if using molds.

You can freeze them to make them set faster.Remember the smaller the mold the easier it is to crack so be gentle when taking them out of their molds.Don't place them in warm water because that will melt the chocolate at the bottom of mold.This will cause the chocolate to stick to the mold and hard to remove just gently shake them out like you would ice cubes :)

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