Friday, August 14, 2009

Issues with wedding cakes..

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Ok so one of the fellow gals at had an awesome question. How to crumb coat a cake and how :)
It is super easy! Once you have let both or all your cake layers cool you fill your cake and cover it completely in a thin layer of icing it will have lots of crumbs all over it (hence the name crumb coating) then place in the refrigerator for 30 min to an hour and give it a final coat with your choice of frosting.

Crumb coating is very beneficial exspecially when you have a very moist cake or for example a chocolate cake that needs to be frosted in vanilla icing, giving it a very clean look and easier to cover with fondant too!

Another question that popped up was how much is your work really worth? I tend to stay away from charging per hour since it is pretty hard to keep track of time when you are trying to work on a cake. Per person is the best way that can not change very much and you are sure to make a progit and charge a fair amount to your customers :)

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